It seems that the closer you come to the equator and farther from the mass of people the greater the scuba diving thrill. Another scuba diving location that shows to this point is Maldives. 1,192 coral islands located over 250 miles from India comprises the Republic of the Maldives. The islands are grouped into 26 atolls. Prior to 1972, Maldives was a remote island nation who only industry was fishing. That is when they started to promote tourism, today 30% of GNP is tourism related. The country earns 90% of its tax revenue from tourism and import duties. 


Diving is available all year round with the best marine life and visibility from November to May best diving.  Water temperatures are steady at 80-86° F (26-30° C).  Diving the atolls may be different from what most divers are used too. Each atoll is a mini environment upon itself. A break in the reef provides a channel into the center. These provides a wall into and out the reef with strong currents at times. Pelagic fish hang out around here. Interior to the atoll are calm reefs. Most of the resorts are located on their own islands and cover the entire island.


So it is important to choose your resort carefully. Not only will it determine the diving you do but also all off gas activities. Many suggest that you dive the Maldives using a Liveaboard. In addition to the standard scuba diving arrangements we are used to you will also find a number of private boats fitted for diving.


While preparing for your trip remember that Maldivian law is based on Islamic Law - review what may not legally be brought into the country (e.g. alcohol).