The Red Sea


The Egyptian coast of the Red Sea provides divers with some of the best near shore visibility in the world and in water who temperatures stay between 70-86° F(21-30° C) year round. The sea is rich with marine life and corals and has it fair share of ship wrecks to dive. As much of the land around the sea is desert and uninhabited there is little run off to influence the visibility nor to pollute the waters.


Also being sparsely populated the marine life has not been over fished. As a result you have a tropical area with pristine conditions just about anywhere you dive. The Red Sea is to European Divers what the Caribbean is to American divers, a First class diving destination that can be dived on a long weekend. Dahab on the south east portion of the Sinai has some of the best shore dives in the world. Including coral gardens, wall and drift dives as well as canyons and caves. North of Duhab is a blue hole assessable from shore. 


The Abu Galum Protectorate also offers a very different diving experience. The area has a interesting back reef and pristine conditions. Dive center off two and three dive trips as well as an over night “homestay” adventure. Ras Abu Galum (village) is a Bedouin village, Bedouins are a nomadic people and still use tents and sleep under the stars. To reach the village and the diving, you have to ride a camel.