Technical Dive Training


So how do you become a technical diver?  There are several training agencies that provide technical dive training.  Like recreational dive training, each of these agencies has its own perspective on what’s important and how best to teach it. Sometimes this training focuses on deep diving, decompression diving, or diving with special gases.  Sometimes it focuses on specialty diving like cave diving or wreck penetration.


As far as training goes, it goes without saying that if faced with a choice between an instructor that teaches tech a handful of times a year, against someone fully engaged and active year round, you should know what to do. Location and logistics play a part to. Where possible try and take a course all in one block.  If the area requires you split it into four or five weekends – it’s much harder to get any continuity and consolidate new skills properly. If you have to travel away from home to fulfill these requirements, do so if you can.


Each agency will provide well designed, comprehensive and structured training to safely accomplish technical diving to the very highest standards.   However it’s not only about the agency – it’s also about the quality and experience of your instructor.   Choose wisely!   


Below are only a few of the training options.   There are, of course, many more to choose from.  


We can highly recommend the folks at Tech Asia in Puerto Galera, Philippines - next time you're out that way, look them up.     

Tech Asia is a long established IANTD Technical Facility which provides the vast majority of the Philippines Diver and Instructor Training through to the highest levels. Their Technical Wreck, and DPV Diver programs are especially highly regarded.  They are also a GUE rated facility, with a resident Instructor for GUE Fundamentals and Rec 1 courses, and their dive shop plays host several times a year to senior instructors who find the place ideal for higher level Tech 1 and Tech 2 courses. They can also provide the full spectrum of PADI TecRec courses as needed.

A basic comparison between certification agencies

IANTD pioneered the introduction of Enriched Air Nitrox to the recreational community and is a leading technical training agency, covering all levels of open water, and overhead environment diving.


Some of IANTD’s key programs include :

Explore Technical Diving
Advanced EANx
Advaned Recreational Trimix
Normoxic Trimix
Tek Open Water Sidemount

TDI claims to be the largest technical certification agency in the world and one of the first agencies to provide training in mixed gas diving and rebreathers.

TDI_Intro to Tech
TDI_Advanced Nitrox
TDI_Cavern Diver
TDI_Extended Range Diver
TDI_Deco Procedures Diver

GUE is committed to producing divers who are knowledgeable, skilled, competent, and safe. Enhanced diving skills reduce damage to fragile marine ecosystems and provide support for exploration and conservation programs.

The GUE training program is crafted to develop exceptional in-water competence, enhancing fun and safety while supporting exploration within the farthest reaches of our aquatic realm. 

GUE_Cave Diver 1
GUE_Cave Diver 2
GUE_Technical Diver 1
GUE_Technical Diver 2

Technical (tec) diving means going beyond recreational scuba diving limits. PADI TecRec courses are your ticket to extreme adventure.

PADI_Tec 40
PADI_Tec 45
PADI_Tec 50
PADI_Tec Trimix
PADI_Tec Trimix 65
PADI_Tec Sidemount

For over 45 years SSI has provided training, scuba diving certification, and educational resources for divers, dive instructors, and dive centers and resorts

SSI_Extended Range
SSI_Technical Extended Range
SSI_Full Cave Diving
SSI_Advanced Wreck Diving
SSI_Technical Wreck Diving
SSI_Hypoxic Trimix